10 really awkward teenage stories of unrequited love that will make you cringe

If you’ve ever done something awkward or embarrassing in front of a crush as a teenager, let’s face it, you’re not alone.

Writer Nicole Cliffe asked Twitter users to reveal the most embarrassing things they’d ever done for love, and some of them are pretty embarrassing.

Here are 10 of the best awkward teenage stories about unrequited love that will make you cringe.

1. This person was delivered a solid burn.

2. This person resorted to cleaning in the name of love.

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3. This person would have been waiting a long time for that phone call.

4. Some people get very protective over their crushes.

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5. This person discovered a great way to get some compliments.

6. This guinea pig had the highest honour.

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7. Learning the saxophone to impress somebody is pretty awkward.

8. This person made some crazy jewellery inspired by a crush.

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9. This one – surprisingly – actually worked.

10. This is a creative way of impressing somebody.

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