10 fabulous pancakes to admire this Shrove Tuesday if you're extra

If you clicked on this article to find out what “extra” means, Urban Dictionary defines it to be “over the top”, “excessive” and “dramatic”, which indeed these pancakes are.

Feast your eyes on these fabulous pancakes in celebration of Shrove Tuesday because nothing says glamour like a full stomach.

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1. A pink pancake pile

Pink to make the Instagram foodies wink.

2. Pancakes with the emphasis on the cake

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Thicker pancakes have become an internet sensation as of late with their wobble and pure indulgence.

3. Blue fruity tower

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Werbung | Blue pancakes💙 on Pancake Sunday🥞 The pancakes are coloured with @life.of.cha tea and the mint-blue sauce is coloured with spirulina and butterfly pea tea. 🦋 (get 10% off the tea by using the code 'laurafruitfairy10%'!😊🦋💙) How do you like this background? I'm playing around with different styles at the moment and I think I really like this one 😁 A few words on portion sizes before I give you the recipe. When I compare my measurements to other people's recipes I notice that they only use a fraction of mine. That's because I only eat 2 meals a day so my meals automatically require larger measurements. Everybody is different so you'll have to find out for yourself what works best for you! My dad for example eats 4-5 times a day from morning till evening before sleep and I could never do that! I would feel sluggish all the time but he's fine with his eating habits. There's no 'perfect diet' that works the same for everyone. It's your own responsibility to find the perfect balance for yourself. Do you tend to overeat? (I do🙈) > then perhaps fewer meals a day would work better for you. Do you get hungry again very shortly after a meal? Do you find it difficult to fast for a longer period of time? Ask yourself these questions and play around with fasting / shorter eating windows a bit. Breaking out of the '3 fixed meals a day' schedule will help you relearn intuitive eating. And this is your ultimate key to your optimal weight and perfectly balanced energy levels. 💙✨ Pancake recipe: 110g buckwheat flour 150ml butterfly pea tea 1 mashed banana 1/2 tsp baking powder 3ml rose water Vanilla bean powder Whisk all ingredients in a bowl. 🍳Fry in a non-stick pan without oil.🥞 Layer with blue chia pudding, blackberries, chopped medjoul dates, soy yogurt and other toppings of your choice. ✨🌀💦❄️🦋💙🌊

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Like something you might see hung in an art gallery.

4. Marvellous marshmallow

A glimpse at what heaven must look like.

5. Eccentric Eton mess

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A beautiful weekend calls for a beautiful stack of White Chocolate Raspberry Pancakes💞 <><><><><><><><><><><><> Ingredients for the pancakes: 🔺3Tbs @Nutiva coconut flour 🔺1/4c freeze dried raspberries (ground into powder in a coffee grinder) 🔺2tsp @bobsredmill arrowroot powder 🔺1 egg 🔺1 egg white 🔺1/4c unsweetened almond milk 🔺1tsp lemon juice 🔺1/4t baking soda 🔺1 dropper of @sweetleafstevia vanilla creme stevia Pinch of salt ^whisk to combine (Make cute lil #pancakes in a skillet on medium-low) Layered with organic fat free cottage cheese blended with @swervesweetie confectioner style swerve, a few more freeze dried (or fresh) raspberries Topped with melted @amberlynchocolates no sugar added white chocolate 👌🏽 and a few berries 😻

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Thick, fruity and slopped on a plate. There’s nothing better to wake up to than this.

6. A floral one

That awkward moment when a pancake is prettier than you…

7. Just a pancake Lady Gaga

P-p-p-pancake face p-p-pancake face.

8. Rainbow pancakes

The real way to taste the rainbow.

9. Chocolate ice cream pancakes

A freakshake-esque delight.

10. Fluffy Japanese pancakes

And finally, these little lovelies. So innocent and soft are these pancakes, you’d be afraid to curse in front of them as they’ll weep butter.