YouTube Gaming is all set to launch today

Video games are incredibly big business today – and not just in sales terms – because of the ability to share and stream content with fellow players.

Streaming site Twitch has proven that even though having to sit in your friend’s bedroom as a 13-year-old and watch them play Metal Gear Solid was kind of boring, the market for watching others play is in fact huge.

Now, Google has stepped in and earlier this year announced that YouTube would be getting its very own dedicated gaming website, and the day of that launch has now arrived.

There is no doubt that YouTube Gaming is a competitor to Twitch, which has has exploded in popularity since it launched in 2011. Not only has the site broken the 100 million visitors a month mark, but it was bought by Amazon last year for just under a billion dollars.

YouTube Gaming will have channels dedicated to more than 25,000 different games – each one capable of hosting live streams as well as being an upload destination for fan videos.

As well as the web version, dedicated apps for both iOS and Android are also set to be released to bring the platform to mobile devices.


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