Unrealistic to fire under performing employees says expert

Management experts are warning it may be impossible to follow through on threats to fire under-performing civil servants.

Over the weekend the Taoiseach said he would support Ministers who ask senior officials to leave their posts if they are not up to scratch.

Leo Varadkar said he wanted a 'cultural shift' to improve results in the public sector after scandals in the Gardaí and Health service.

But management consultant Eddie Molloy has said it is unrealistic.

"In the HSE for example, Tony O'Brien, the head of the HSE has said he doesn't have the legal or HR tools to hold managers accountable," he said.

"He said after two years of trying to hold managers accountable for the events in Portlaoise that involved the death of young children, when he comes to do what the Taoiseach is saying he should do, he actually doesn't."

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