Ulster Bank reporting issues with customers' payments

Some Ulster Bank customers are reporting difficulties receiving payments this morning.

The bank says the glitch is due to an industry problem in Europe, and payments are now being processed.

Customers who are expecting to receive payments today are being advised to check their accounts to see if the money has landed.

Business journalist Gavin McLoughlin says the issue could potentially affect other banks:

He said: "Ulster Bank said there was an issue, but it has been sorted now and they are processing the payments. They said it wasn't specifically to do with them it was an industry issue stemming from a problem with a system in Europe.

"Permanent TSB are acknowledging as well that there is a potential issue on Bank of Ireland.

"Obviously, this kind of thing has happened a few times of late, it is very inconvenient for people, it can cause huge difficulties, even if it's only a short delay in people getting payments, as this one seems to be."


Ulster Bank

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