Ulster Bank fixes glitch after money disappears from some accounts

Ulster Bank says a glitch that left some customers unable to view their transactions has been fixed.

A number of people were accidentally overdrawn yesterday after money disappeared from some accounts.

Ulster Bank says that all transactions impacted by the issue have now been applied, and is ensuring that no customers will be left out of pocket

The bank says human error was behind the problem after a payment file did not process.

In a statement, Ulster Bank said it was aware that transactions applied to accounts since last Friday are no longer showing.

Tech expert Jess Kelly says the latest glitch does not do a lot for consumer confidence:

She said: "So with these types of things, unfortunately, every second counts, because it is people's money, people's expectations.

"There are people whose mortgage was due to go out or whose rent was due to go out and it bounced as a result of this.

"It also doesn't do a lot for customer confidence in the brand as well, so Ulster Bank will be looking to resolve this as quickly as possible."


Ulster Bank

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