This Twitter app lets you add out of office replies to social media

Staying, or at least appearing to stay, active and connected is one of the most important parts of building a successful Twitter account.

Now a new web app enables you to connect your Twitter account to it and set out of office (OOO) replies for when you want to be responsive, but can’t at that moment for whatever reason.


The app allows users to set a start and end time, much like traditional OOO on email, as well as let users create the 140 character message others see.


According to the creator, the app checks your mentions every two minutes, sending out replies to any new ones that have come in. It’s also smart enough to know if you’ve already sent one to a person, so if you pick up the conversation even when the OOO is switched on, it won’t keep re-sending the message.

Of course, Twitter isn’t the centre point of business contacts, but if you’re very active on the site and always want to appear so, even when connection drops – on a flight for example – then this could be an ideal solution.


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