This is what the internet thinks of the rumoured iPhone '5se'

If you believe the hype we could see a new iPhone as early as March – and a budget one at that.

Whispers in technology circles suggest Apple is going to introduce a lower-end iPhone, the size of the iPhone 5 but with the design of the current generation 6s.

The supposed name of this new device – iPhone 5se – has quickly seen the internet turn up its nose.

Of course, whether this early displeasure actually stops people buying it remains to be seen. We don’t know anything concrete on what the specs will be yet either – some say it will have the same A9 chip as you find in the 6s. While others are excited by the prospect of a modern-spec iPhone becoming available in a smaller size and (potentially) a lower price.

All eyes will now be on Cupertino to see if we get confirmation of a live event.


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