This is the future of the mobile home

The world is a crowded place, we’re often told, and so a new trend of futuristic mobile homes that can actually provide all the modern conveniences you could ask for has begun to grow.

One such example is that of Canadian firm Zero Squared, which has created something they call Aurora – a tiny home that can be expanded outwards at the touch of a button. Doing so increases the width from around eight and a half feet to just over 15 feet.

Aurora is fully waterproof – as you might expect – though the makers say it’s been designed to be able to handle anything the seasons can throw at it, including the Canadian winter.

The price tag is around $75,000 (£60,000), depending on the options you choose, but whatever you decide, the Aurora comes with a double bedroom, bathroom and kitchen and living space – all complete with modern fittings and features.

Zero Squared calls it “downsizing without downgrading” – and as well as coming with a standard mobile home connection, which is how it can draw its electricity, for a completely “off-the-grid” experience, the firm also offers a solar power package for a more permanent set-up.

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