This incredible series of body art flaunts Samsung's best phone features yet

To celebrate the launch of their new phones Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung have teamed up with Hikaru Cho to showcase the mobiles’ snazzy new features.

Samsung’s new devices boast wireless and wireless charging, flashy editing filters and a three-sided display which the Tokyo-based body artist incorporated into her amazing artwork.

Wireless charging

I wanted to show the way that technology has become so integral to modern life. This design was inspired by the Galaxy S6’s wireless charging capabilities.”

Flat face

I also created two designs that were inspired by the look of the phones themselves. The thin, sleek design of the Galaxy S6 inspired my ‘Flat Face’ artwork.”

Filter Face

To achieve the look, I painted half of the model’s face grey, adding contouring to highlight her features so as to mimic the aesthetic of a real black and white photograph. The model was dressed with a half-head grey wig and a grey contact lens.”

Super fast charging

This design was inspired by the super fast charge that the phones offer. I liked the idea of it looking like the model herself was being recharged.”

Edge face

I created this look because the Galaxy S6 edge has a curved screen which displays information along the sides of the phone. I wanted to translate that onto the model’s face by moving her features round to the side.”


Hikaru used her own face as a canvas to depict the final design. With the help of a mirror, she painted images of her own eyes further down her cheeks, representing the swiping motion used on modern phones.


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