This high-tech snazzy lunchbox does more than just carry your lunch...

We already have smartphones, smartwatches, smart heating systems – but smart lunchboxes?

Wait, it isn’t as crazy as it sounds.


A group of Californian product developers have come up with a prototype lunchbox that will track the nutritional information of the food in the box, with the aim of targeting those who want to eat healthy and keep an eye on their waistlines.

Prepd Pack, which recently launched on Kickstarter, looks like a snazzy bento box with a bamboo-style finish and a magnetic fastening.

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Inside the box are smaller compartments to store your food and magnetic cutlery (so they are held in place when you are carrying your lunch around).

Paired with the Prepd Pack app, you can plan your lunches with recipes selected by professional nutritionists and chefs.


The Prepd team say the recipes are designed to fit a wide range of dietary requirements and the app also connects with Health Kit (if you are using iOS integration) so that you can see your health data as well.

The project has raised more than $65,000 (£45,000) with 36 days to go on Kickstarter. But for those wanting to snap up the premium lunchbox, the starting pledge price is a steep $50 (£35).

The Prepd team say they’re intending to retail the device from $70 (£49).


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