There's an offline GPS app that covers pretty much everywhere on the planet

Unless you’re planning to travel to the McDonalds Islands, the Sound Sandwich Islands, or a few other remote places on the planet we’re still not entirely sure exist, Sygic could be the app for you. The official line is that the app covers “every United Nations recognised state”.

When travelling around the world, getting around without internet access can be tricky – but Sygic offers maps offline that only use a tiny portion of your storage compared to other apps.

Some of them will cost money, but they cover much larger areas offline than the likes of Google or Apple Maps allow, according to an email the company’s spokeswoman Daniela Zelinova sent to the Verge.

The company claims to have over 125 million users, making it the world’s most installed offline navigation app.

If the price puts you off – maps and regions can range from a few pounds to around £23 – a good alternative before your next trip would be Maps.Me. It’s completely free and also has excellent offline coverage in almost any country you’re likely to be travelling to.


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