The starting salaries at some of the biggest tech firms will have you tidying up your CV

It’s a well known fact that the technology sector has exploded in recent years, with Apple recording massive profits and gadgets in general becoming integral parts of our lives.

What this has done for some of the companies at the forefront of the sector is make them extremely popular places to work, and as the profits have shot up so have the available salaries as companies compete for the best talent.

The result has been starting salaries that will make your eyes water, or sigh in disappointment as you realise you are unlikely to ever reach anything near that amount.


According to salary benchmark website, the aggressive pay policy by these companies has seen the tech world begin to close in on the financial sector, though bonuses are still lagging behind.

Alice Leguay, Emolument co-founder and chief operating officer, said “With glamorous brands, novelty offices, breakthrough managerial styles, the leading technology firms were already attractive employers.

“Now, with an aggressive push on junior pay, they are outpacing traditional financial and professional services firms when it comes to campus pulling power.

(Michel spingler/AP)

“Working for a top investment bank no longer epitomises the graduate dream, especially since financial industry remuneration has taken a bashing in the last few years, in line with bankers’ reputations.

“Banks are trying to shake up their corporate cultures and offer more flexibility and work-life balance, but cannot compete with technology giants making their staff feel they are making a social mark on their time.”


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