The best apps of the week

It’s Valentine’s weekend so the chances are you’ll either be busy or want to keep busy – luckily we have plenty of things to help you do both.

There’s also one to help you sleep better, which is always handy.



A game that is already scooping up app award nominations, Prism is a touch-based puzzle game that mixes geometry, the periodic table and Zen-like music. Users have to unravel each of the 13 puzzles presented to them using taps, pinches and zooms.

(iOS – £2.29)

Sleep cycle alarm clock


This app has been around for a while on mobile, but has now added iPad support for the first time. It’s topped App Stores around the world because of the clever technology at its centre, which monitors your sleep through sound and vibration analysis and then finds the best time in your sleep cycle to wake you up. Interestingly, unlike a lot of other sleep-tracking products, this app is very good even when there are two of you sleeping in the same bed.

(iOS – Free)

Tomb Of The Mask


This game is a brilliant marriage of retro, pixel arcade and the endless runners that have become hugely popular in the mobile gaming age. Tomb Of The Mask sees players having to keep rising up a tomb collection of Pac-Man-esque dots and coins, outrunning the rising neon waves that appear from the bottom of the screen. You need to think fast and move even faster, and it’s a lot of fun.

(iOS – Free)

Alto’s Adventure


Another stunning looking game, and one that also plays on the endless running concept, Alto’s Adventure sees you trying to snowboard for as long as possible through all manner of alpine environments, even rescuing llamas along the way.

(Android – Free)



Everyone knows Tinder; you’ve either used it or know someone who has. Well, seeing as it’s Valentine’s Day on Sunday, the app is giving all its users an extra Super Like for free. This, of course, is the fairly new feature that lets you tell another user you don’t just sort of like them, you’re very keen on them.

(Free – iOS/Android)


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