Tech firms 'must have Irish base to be a global player'

A former executive from one of the world's top gaming companies says it is now impossible to be a global player in the tech industry without an Irish base.

The former head of Zynga Games’ Business Operations, Marcus Segal, says Ireland can "dominate" the world's software and hardware production, but must reform education and expand its talent pool.

He says Irish schools must develop coding skills and tech companies should target top developers from around the world to boost the quality of Ireland's workforce.

Speaking at the US Embassy's Smart Economy event in Dublin, Segal said that Ireland is already the "go-to country" for tech companies.

He said: "What I've seen since 2009 when the conversation first began until now is that I don't think it's possible to be a major global player without having an operation in Ireland, either in Dublin or Belfast or the surrounding areas

"If you want to be a player on the global stage, you will have an office here."

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