Stockbrokers list three issues politicians must act on immediately

The current political uncertainty is not good for our economy in the long term, according to the latest economic forecast from Goodbody stockbrokers.

They say the longer the policy vacuum continues, the bigger the risks get.

Their comments come as both Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil continue seperate talks with independents to try and win enough support to form a new Government.

Goodbodys is also concerned at the dangerously low levels of state investment in new capital projects in Ireland.

Their chief economist Dermot O'Leary says political decisions are now needed in a number of areas.

He said: "Obviously in the housing sector, severe problems in terms of social housing need to be resolved.

"The water infrastructure is creaking and yet we are talking about getting rid of water charges, in particular, in these government formation talks.

"We are seeing a return of traffic problems that raise issues in the transport infrastructure."

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