Stobart Air seeking 24 pilots after deal with Cork-based flight school

Pictured at Cork International Airport are: (left to right) Philip Smythe, Safety Manager at AFTA; Daniel Lynch, Chief Flight Instructor at AFTA; Captain Cathal Healy, Safety Officer at Stobart Air, and Claire Costello, Sales and Marketing Manager at AFTA. Pic: Michael O'Sullivan/OSM PHOTO

Stobart Air have announced a new partnership with a Cork Airport-based flight school to train and recruit up to 24 new pilots this year.

Stobart Air and Atlantic Flight Training Academy (AFTA) have developed a 16-month training program that involves 220 hours flight time through Cork International Airport.

On finishing the program, the new pilots will get a commercial flying license and full-time jobs as first officers with the Irish airline.

Students will fly AFTA’s Glass cockpit Cessna 172’s for the initial phase of the flight training followed by the Piper Seneca’s for the advanced phases and will also use a simulator based on the Boeing 737 NG.

Stobart Air operates up to 940 flights a week across 43 routes in 11 European countries from bases in Ireland and the UK under the Aer Lingus Regional brand as well as for Flybe from London Southend Airport, and the Isle of Man.

The Dublin-based airline, which employs more than 570 people, said: "Stobart Air runs a continuous recruitment campaign to ensure a steady stream of talented and professional pilots to meet the needs of our growing network.

"Over the next year, the airline expects to recruit 24 pilots subject to requirements and aviation developments."

Donal Young, Director of Flight Operations at Stobart Air, said: “Stobart Air’s new partnership with AFTA will ensure our pilots receive advanced flight instruction and one-on-one mentorship from some of the industry’s best teachers.

“For aspiring pilots, this new programme is a first of its kind and presents fantastic opportunities. Stobart Air flies familiar, short-haul routes across Ireland, the UK and Europe.

"A career with Stobart Air means pilots can enjoy the best of both worlds - a home base here in Ireland, and the excitement of being part of a rapidly expanding, best-in-class airline.”

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