Ryanair announces 5 new routes from Dublin airport for summer 2018

Ryanair launched its Dublin summer 2018 schedule today with five new routes.

The new routes include a double daily service to Munich, a daily Stuttgart service, as well as Marrakech, Naples and Paphos, and more flights to Hamburg.

Ryanair anticipates a total number of 12.9m Irish customers through Dublin Airport next year.

Ryanair’s Dublin summer 2018 schedule will deliver 90 routes in total.

Irish consumers and visitors can now book their holidays as far out as October 2018.

Ryanair's Kenny Jacobs says that plans for the new runway in Dublin need to move faster to accommadate for Brexit, and given that runway capacity at Dublin is "already full at peak times."

"We call on the Government, the Department of Transport, and the Attorney General’s office to end the repeated delays and confirm that the necessary noise legislation will be implemented by statutory instrument, making the IAA the competent authority to monitor noise regulation, to allow Dublin’s second runway to proceed, at a cost of €240m," he said.

"We need urgent action to deliver runway 2 to prevent Ireland’s airport infrastructure falling further behind its international competitors," he added.

DAA Chief Executive Kevin Toland said: "These new routes will offer additional choice and convenience for both business and leisure passengers. The combination of Ryanair’s new routes and extensions to its existing services means that Ryanair will grow its overall Dublin Airport summer traffic by 4% next year.”

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