hopes to be back online this afternoon after hacker attack

Recruitment website is continuing to investigate a security breach which forced the disabling of the site yesterday.

It is hoped the site will be brought back online this afternoon.

Some 400,000 users’ names and email addresses were accessed by hackers, who, it is believed, used the information to send out spam emails containing fake job offers.

“Our investigations to date have shown that no other site data, such as CVs, usernames or passwords, was accessed,” said RecruitIreland CEO Tom Crosbie.

As soon as the security breach was discovered yesterday, the site was disabled to deny the hackers continued access, and investigations immediately began to assess the extent of the breach.

The company now knows how the breach was carried out, though not by whom, and hope to have the site online again this afternoon.

Security company BH Consulting has been engaged to investigate the breach, and it has been reported to the Gardai and the Data Protection Commissioner.

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