O'Leary wants Ryanair to fly transatlantic within 5-10 years

The chief Executive of Ryanair says he would like to see the airline operating transatlantic flights within the next 5-10 years.

Michael O'Leary said that there is no availability of long haul aircrafts for another 4-5 years.

However, he said that he hopes to fly transatlantic during his time as chief executive.

"We've had a business plan ready to roll for a transatlantic low-fares airline," he said.

"The difficulty is, I keep cautioning, is that there's no availability of long-haul aircraft for another four or five years.

"So unless we can secure a fleet of low-cost aircraft, frankly, the business doesn't get off the ground.

"The future is very hard to foretell, it certainly is unlikely to happen within the next five years, but I'd be disappointed if it doesn't happen within the period, maybe, five to 10 years."

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