Office Master: Tips for working from home

Office Master, Cork and Waterford, specialist in designing working environments and offices.

Office Master has offered four key tips for remote working as a solution to alleviate disruption for businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A specialist in designing and developing working environments and offices, Office Master has offices in Cork and Waterford. Here are Office Master's tips for working from home:

1. Create a Dedicated Workspace: You need peace and quiet away from the rest of the house, ideally a desk with a good office chair. Maintain good ergonomic practice, with your eyeline level with the top of the monitor and good posture. If possible natural light, but if not, a desk lamp or adequate overhead lighting.

2. Regular routine: Get up, shower, get dressed and get that pot of coffee on, and normal work clothes for a sense of routine. Start early, as most of us are more productive earlier in the day. Take your regular breaks. Move away from your desk, rest your eyes or pop to the corner shop and get some fresh air if possible.

3. Write a to-do list: A list makes you accountable. Get the harder tasks done early while you’re fresh. Leave easier, quicker and more fun items until the afternoon when concentration levels may not be as high. These easier tasks include things like making calls as well as answering the bulk of your e-mails.

4. No social media: Again, it seems obvious, but you can very quickly lose half an hour browsing social media. Log out of all your accounts on your desktop computer or laptop and where possible turn off notifications on your phone.

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