National Lottery company sees sales rise

The company that runs the National Lottery increased its sales by €80m last year.

Annual returns from Premier Lotteries Ireland show Irish people spent €750m on lottery games in 2016.

Last year, €422m in prizes was won by players of Lotto, Euromillions and the company's other products.

The report says 2.1 million of all Irish adults played National Lottery games on a regular basis.

The company's annual returns also show it raised €213m for good causes last year, while 38 new millionaires were created, with players sharing overall prizes to the value of €422m.

The lucky winners included two syndicates who scooped EuroMillions jackpots.

A syndicate of friends who bought their ticket in Carlow won €66m, while 22 colleagues from Dublin Bus shared a €23.8m jackpot.

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