Motor group increases workforce as it becomes main Galway dealer for Mercedes-Benz

Connolly motor group increases workforce as it becomes main dealership for Mercedes-Benz in Galway

Connolly Motor Group are employing fifteen new people following their appoitnment as main dealers for Mercedes-Benz passengr cars in the area.

This brings the groups total workforce in Galway to 50 and more than 200 across the country.

Recruitment will open at the end of the month.

The group said there has been no Mercedes-Benz showrooms in the area for six years.

“The opening of Mercedes-Benz is a huge boost to the industry in Galway city and county. To have a Mercedes-Benz sales and after-sales dealership back in Galway where the range has enjoyed a long and loyal customer base is a welcome development, and we look forward to expanding the brand even further," said Padraig Keating, General Manager for Mercedes-Benz Galway.

“We will have the full range of Mercedes-Benz on site, where we can tailor cars to suit each individual’s requirement in keeping with what drivers of this range have come to expect,” he added.

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