Minister confirms a new company has bought the old MSD plant in Wicklow

There is good news on the job front for County Wicklow today.

It has been confirmed the former Sheering Plough/Merck Sharp & Dohme plant in Rathdrum has been sold.

MSD announced the closure of the plant in 2013, with the loss of 280 jobs.

However, a major veterinary products company finalised a deal to buy the plant yesterday, and it is believed the new owners will require a similar size workforce to the numbers employed by MSD.

Minister Simon Harris said it will bring a welcomed boost to employment.

He said: "MSD and the IDA have worked very hard to try and find new owners for the plant and we can now confirm today that a new owner has purchased the plant.

"That owner is in the business of animal health supplies and this will lead to more jobs and more investment in County Wicklow.

"So, I look forward to the details of that investment becoming clearer in the weeks and months ahead, but ultimately this is a vote of confidence in Wicklow."

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