Meet Pigeon Poop - the hilarious gaming app that targets politicians with bird poo

Someone has just gone and created a new app that makes pigeons, err, poop on politicians heads.

Pigeon Poop, created by Pigeon Poop Ltd, allows users to choose their favourite politician (or maybe not-so-favourite, if that’s what you’re ahem, aiming for) and let different types of pigeons poop on them.

Political bigwigs included in the list are Ed Miliband, David Cameron, Ed Balls, John Prescott, Nicola Sturgeon, Nigel Farage and Jim Murphy.

According to the company, P.O.O.P, stands for “People’s Opinion Of Politicians” and you can customise poop colour, depending on your mood. Gamers can play as many times as they like with 12 playable levels, four game types and three levels of difficulty.

Not only that, the game is linked to their National Opinion Poop website, which contain stats showing who are the ‘targeted’ politicians among the game-playing voters.

“Pigeon Poop General Election 2015 is a great game that let’s you turn politics into enormous, light-hearted fun,” said Nigel Hall, founder and CEO of Pigeon Poop.

“We have listened to the Great British voters and in keeping with the best traditions of British satire have created an amusing game to turn their frustrations into a light-hearted and yet highly representative opinion poll,” he adds.

The game is available to download at Google Play or at and is expected to be available on Apple devices shortly.

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