Lonely Planet name Tayto Park and Dublin distillery among world's best experiences

Tayto Park's driving school for kids

Dublin's Roe and Co Distillery and Tayto Park's new driving school in County Meath have been named among the world's best new experiences for the coming year in Lonely Planet.

The popular travel guide has just released lists of 2019's top 10 countries, cities, regions and best value places to visit.

It also lists 10 best New Openings, Places to Stay, Food Experiences and Attractions for Kids.

Noirín Hegarty from Lonely Planet, Ireland says Roe and Co is a great new visitor attraction in Dublin's Liberties.

"Roe and Co Distillery which is owned by Diageo, a €25m investment, it's opening in March/April 2019," said Ms Hegarty.

"It's going to be a visitor attraction in the Liberties and that has become the centre for distilling in Dublin."

Lonely Planet Ireland says that Tayto Park is very much an Irish experience.

"Not alone is it unique in Ireland, Tayto Park is unique in the world," said Ms Hegarty.

"It's not Disney, it's not Universal Studios...and Tayto have secured a sponsorship commitment for three years for their little mini electric cars that children can get into.

"They learn the rules of the road and they can get a little driver's licence at the end of it."

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