Lettings agent suprises student tenants with an Ipad pro each

A Leeds-based Student lettings agent and landlord has given 50 iPad Pro and iPad mini 4 to students renting at The Student Property Shop, Leeds.

The property management and development company The Student Property Shop had promised the first 50 students to sign a rental agreement at the accommodation an original Apple iPad but in a surprise move the students were given iPad Pro and iPad mini 4's instead.

The Student Property Shop claims that while other companies are charging huge rents and make the students pay a deposit, it is doing the opposite.

It says it is providing rental accommodation for £70 per week which includes bills and the internet.

Kirsty Hayes, aged 18, who is studying Youth and Community Work at Leeds University University said: “I was rather excited when I found out I was getting an iPad Pro. I thought firstly, the price of the accommodation is really good then an iPad on top of that, it’s a real bonus.

Mark James, aged 18, who is studying International Consumer Marketing at said: “It’s good getting an iPad Pro , it’s a really good surprise. You don’t really expect to get student accommodation and then get a free iPad Pro with it. When The Student Property Shop told me about it clinched the deal for me really.

The Student Property Shop spokesperson Matthew Parkins said: “The students were absolutely chuffed. They were expecting an iPad Pro, you should have seen their faces when they were handed the iPad Pro and iPad mini 4 instead.

“We decided to offer the iPads in the first place, not just as an incentive but also to build up a solid relationship with the students. We wanted to give something back to those who decided to rent from us and show that FreshStart Living is different from other landlords.

“For us, it’s not just about the bottom line, it’s about giving the students a quality and affordable place to live whilst studying.”


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