Lack of career progression undermining Irish retailers recruitment ability

By Greg Murphy

Recruitment and employee retention are the two major challenges faced by Ireland’s retail sector.

A new survey by has found 83% of retail employers in Ireland view recruitment as a challenge with a further 60% facing challenges in employee retention.

The results suggest a lack of progression opportunities could be contributing to difficulties faced by employers.

When employers were asked how they were planning to address the problem, the survey found:

  • 66% offer a pay increase
  • 60% offer additional training or opportunities for education
  • 50% offer promotions
  • 40% offer greater workplace perks
  • 32% offer greater workplace flexibility

Commenting on the results, general manager Christopher Paye said that employers need to be able to offer more than "quirky workplace perks" and "high-tech, Instagram-worthy work spaces".

“Career progression and development will always be amongst the most important elements of a job for employees.

"Therefore, hiring without an expectation - not least the opportunity for employee progression - is a major red flag."

According to Mr Paye: “It is encouraging to see that three in five employers (60%) are willing to offer training or education to employees, meanwhile half would offer promotion opportunities as a means of keeping their best staff.

“With 92% of employers in the retail sector planning to hire within the next 12 months, it is crucial that they take the time to evaluate their recruitment process and expectations to ensure that the process doesn’t remain a challenge in the months to come.”

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