Killarney unveils its campaign to bring the tourists back

Killarney's Muckross House which features in the new campaign is focused on staycations for the summer of 2020.

From action stations to space stations, businesspeople in Killarney were out in force this week as Ireland’s tourism capital prepares for lift-off. The Kerry town has embarked on an exciting space odyssey to maintain its position as the country’s premier visitor destination.

Killarney is showcasing its selection of attractions and adventure pursuits with people everywhere invited not only to visit but to 'breathe' Killarney and all it has to offer.

“The SPACE to…” initiative was rolled out in recent days. It has been devised by Killarney Chamber of Tourism & Commerce, in association with Kerry County Council, and it’s a shout-out to remind everybody that the destination is again open for business in the new normal that is post-Covid-19.

“We hope this campaign brings welcome visitors to the town,” Killarney Chamber of Tourism & Commerce President Paul Sherry told the Irish Examiner.

The campaign is focused on staycations for the summer of 2020 and visitors who will be enjoying day trips in the coming weeks, he added.

“One of Killarney’s most precious and valuable assets is space and we can deliver on the great outdoors in a manner that simply cannot be rivalled,” said Mr Sherry.

Through the use of drone footage, creative skills, innovative design and the spoken word, "The SPACE to…" campaign highlights the range of outdoor activities, scenery, experiences, dining options, places to stay and shops to visit.

The new initiative expresses the true value of Killarney as a place to explore, a place to chill, a place live, a place to roam, a place to pause and a place to breathe but, most of all, as a place to visit and a place to enjoy.

The campaign is in keeping with Kerry County Council's Safe Destination programme which has seen numerous local business owners and staff enrolling for a special training programme that equips them with all the skills and knowledge required to ensure visitors safely observe social distancing regulations and etiquette.

"The SPACE to…" campaign coincides with the launch of a new version of the website, where visitors can get details on what they need to know about their trip to Killarney.

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