January sees fall in unemployment rate

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for January 2016 was 8.6%, according to figures released today.

The figure was 8.8% in December 2015, and 10.1% in January 2015.

The seasonally adjusted number of persons unemployed was 186,700 in January 2016, a decrease of 3,000 when compared to the December 2015 figure.

The rate was 9.8% for men, and 7.2% for women.

The seasonally adjusted number of men unemployed in January 2016 was 116,300. This is a decrease of 2,300 when compared to December.

The seasonally adjusted number of women unemployed was 70,400, a decrease of 600 from December 2015.

The seasonally adjusted rate of youth unemployment was 19.1% in January 2016, down slightly from 19.2% in December 2015.

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