IT service company announces €3 million in new contracts with local authorities

Cork-based IT service company Paradyn has announced that it has won €3 million in new IT and communications contracts with Ireland’s local authorities in the past 12 months.

Paradyn is the amalgamation of three of Ireland’s leading telecom, managed service and network infrastructure companies.

Pictured announcing that Paradyn had won €3 million in new IT and communications contracts with Ireland’s local authorities in the past 12 months are (L-R) Paul Casey, COO, Paradyn; Cillian McCarthy, CEO, Paradyn; and Rob Norton, CTO, Paradyn. Photo credit: Steve Langan.

Irish Telecom, Netforce and Exigent Networks are united under one brand to deliver Ireland’s first IT service company.

The company now provides managed services to 25 of the country’s 30 local authorities, with IT contracts worth in excess of €14 million won over the last 5 years.

In the last three years alone Paradyn has won a total of 10 new local authority contracts, including Donegal County Council, Meath County Council and Wexford County Council.

As part of the contract wins the Paradyn team has in some cases completely overhauled the authorities’ IT infrastructures by implementing new wireless WAN infrastructure.

It has also established a network security solution to protect its local authority clients from increasing numbers of cyber-attacks.

Cillian McCarthy, CEO, Paradyn, said: “Since we began working with Cork County Council and Galway County Council in 2008 we’ve steadily built up the number of local authorities we work with to our current position where we count more than 80% of Ireland’s local authorities as customers, making us leaders in Government sector solutions.

“This level of experience gives us a unique perspective on the challenges that local authority typically face and the solutions that work.

"Our solution not only means less complex IT systems, but also our local authority customers spend less time on IT management, which increases efficiency while also improving security.

“Given the range of essential services that local authorities provide, it’s vital that they have a secure, reliable, integrated IT infrastructure."

- Digital Desk

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