It seems superstition can have an affect when buying a house

It seems our superstitions are influencing our house buying practices.

New research from Daft shows, on average, house number 13 is worth €4,335 less than other similar properties.

It has also found there are 10% fewer houses bought on Friday the 13th.

Martin Clancy of said: "We decided to take a look at how people react to the number 13, not just with regards to whether they are superstitious or not, but also with regards to how they act on those superstitions.

"We crunched the numbers on over one millions property listings that were placed on Daft since 2006 and the No. 13, on average, is worth just under €4,500 less than a similar property."

The research also shows that since the start of the property price register in January 2010, Friday the 13th has occurred 13 times, and on those days there are roughly 10% fewer transactions than on regular Fridays.

Ronan Lyons, Economist at Trinity College Dublin and author of The report, said: "We often think of housing markets as being simply about cold laws of supply and demand. But while these are the top-level forces at work, there are lots of quirks of human behaviour that affect any individual property or transaction.

"What's interesting about this research is that our superstitions appear to affect not only prices - with properties numbered 13 cheaper than the average - but also quantities, with fewer transactions on a Friday the 13th than on other Fridays."

The superstition does not stop there, the website also analysed people's perceptions around house numbers and found that 19% would try to avoid buying a property at number 13.

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