IT sector sees 56% rise in employment figures over five years

The IT sector has seen the greatest increase in employment over the last five years.

IT activities have seen employment figures rise by almost 56% since 2011 to 59,376 in 2016.

The Financial service experienced the largest decreases during the same period down from 54,027 in 2011 to 46,674 in 2016.

The figures come as the Central Statistics Office (CSO) publish the final Census 2016 report.

The top occupational group according to the data are in retail with 90,746 people employed in the category.

Farmers account for 3.5% of the Irish workforce while administrative occupations employ 59,392 workers.

Nationally, the number of people at work in April 2016 was 2,006,641 which was an increase of 11% on the 2011 Census.

Over the five year period, unemployment fell by 6.1% to 12.9%.

The unemployment rate among males is higher than among females although both figures fell.

The youth unemployment rate in April 2016 was 25.6%, down from 38.7%.

There was a large increase in the number of retired persons to 545,407 which impacted the labour force participation rate which fell to 61.4%.

Within the labour force, 347,233 were non-Irish nationals with a participation rate of 73.9%.

The majority of recent immigrants - both Irish and non-Irish - were working in the Accommodation and food service.

Many also worked in Communications or Construction.


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