Irish tourism enjoying best year to date

The Irish tourism industry is continuing to thrive as it records it best year to date.

Tourism Ireland says over 10.6 million people will have visited the island by the end of 2017.

Around €5.8bn was spent by tourists during their time here this year.

CEO of Tourism Ireland, Niall Gibbons, says a number of factors are at play.

"Obviously our source economies are performing quite well, outbound travel is quite good," he said.

"The year access picture is very, very good, there's in excess of 550,000 seats every week during the summer months.

"Next year will see new bases established by Aer Lingus in Seattle and Philadelphia and Miami. We'll have 21 gateways in the US and Canada and new routes coming in from Montreal next year and also into Shannon."

Niall Gibbons

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