Irish company brings cybersecurity event to Washington, DC

The transformation of the digital world will be in the spotlight in Washington DC next month when Irish firm, Smarttech247 brings its cybersecurity event to the heart of the US capital.

How the digital domain has transformed from allowing us to communicate instantaneously and provide transparency in government to being exploited by criminals and spies will be one of the key discussion points.

The conference will hear how this will erode our competitive advantages, trust in information and the reliance in our banks, corporations and governments.

With the midterm elections in the spotlight in Washington, Irish-owned cybersecurity firm Smarttech247 to bring high-profile speakers to the event on October 16.

One of the speakers is long known as one of the hard-liners against terrorists, Former Special Advisor to the President, Richard Clarke who served for thirty years in the United States Government, including an unprecedented ten continuous years as a White House official serving three consecutive Presidents.

Other speakers include former Special Assistant to the President and Cybersecurity Coordinator at the White House, Michael Daniel; CTO and VP of Technology at IBM Security, Koos Lodewijkx; CISO of BNY Mellon, Jeff Lunglhofer and Former Director of National Intelligence CIO, Patrick Gorman.

The agenda will address immediate challenges head-on, under the title Hacking Democracy.

Delegates can join sessions on cyber-enabled espionage, cybercrime, election security, public-private partnership and infrastructure protection, incident response, risk management, disruptive and transformative technologies like blockchain, and many more.

Over 200 industry professionals and business leaders from various countries and sectors, including government, financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, technology, and the cybersecurity sector will be in attendance.

CEO of Smarttech247, Ronan Murphy, said:

This is the fourth time we’ve brought international experts together to share ideas on staying ahead of the cybersecurity curve. As governments and businesses strive to protect their interests, Zero Day Con is proving to be a unique and hugely valuable event. We are so proud to take it to such an important location as Washington, D.C.

"As the threat from cyber attack escalates, it is encouraging to see the Irish government quantifying the risk and taking actions with Minister Denis Naughten signing the NIS directive to be introduced in Ireland. This will certainly help Ireland achieve a higher common level of network security,” added Mr Murphy.

Director of Strategy at Smarttech247, Raluca Saceanu, said:

“With today’s changing threats, the reality is that security professionals need to continually evaluate and adjust their game plans in order to remain effective and resilient against cyber attacks. Zero Day Con is the ideal forum for professionals to examine the evolution of the cyber security industry and how it is affecting businesses, countries and individuals.”

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