Irish Aviation Authority data reveals busiest month ever for Irish airports

This August was the busiest ever for Irish Airports, with more than 110,000 flights recorded.

The latest figures from the Irish Aviation Authority show that total air traffic was up by more than 2% on August last year, with Dublin, Cork and Shannon all enjoying increases.

Commercial flights terminating at Dublin increased by 4.4% with an average of 669 a day

Cork saw an average of 69 flights a day, an increase of 3.6%, while Shannon saw an increase of 2.8%, resulting in an average of 61 flights a day.

There was also a significant increase of 7.6% in flights from Europe and the US stopping here.

However, there was a decrease of 2.4% in Ireland's overflight traffic, that is, flights which do not land here.

So far this year there have been more than three quarters of a million flights through Irish airspace, a rise of 3% on last year.

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