IFA accused of misleading public about WTO deal

The EU Agriculture Commissioner has reportedly accused the Irish Farmers Association of misleading the public about the impact of a potential deal at world trade talks in Geneva.

The IFA has been claiming that compromise proposals being discussed by WTO delegates would devastate the Irish beef industry by allowing more cheap imports into the EU.

However, reports this morning say Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel has accused the association of distributing "totally misleading" figures about the proposals.

She says it is incorrect to state that Brazil will have the right to export 1.8 million tonnes of beef into Europe as a result of the potential deal.

Meanwhile, diplomats are reportedly warning that the WTO talks are at risk of collapsing again due to a bitter dispute between the US on the one side and China and India on the other.

India and China are resisting US demands to agree to tariff cuts in some manufacturing sectors, while India is also seeking to protect its farmers from a surge in imports.

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