IBEC: Govt needs to invest €10bn to upgrade infrastructure

The next Irish government should commit an extra €10bn to infrastructure projects, business representatives have urged.

New funding options to enable small to medium sized manufacturers to access the capital they need to grow should also be a priority for whoever emerges victorious from the General Election, according to the Irish Business and Employers Confederation (IBEC).

IBEC, Ireland’s largest business lobby group, has set out its vision in a new campaign, Manufacturing Ireland.

It has also launched a new umbrella association for the sector – the Irish Manufacturers Association.

The organisation has called for “adequate funding” for up-skilling in manufacturing and support for the development of new apprenticeships.

It also stressed the need for a national cyber security programme.

New director of the Irish Manufacturers Association, Avine McNally, said: “Ireland can be a world leader in quality manufacturing, but we need to get the business environment right.

“We need to be competitive, but we also need to share best practice and ensure our workforce is up to the task. We also need to significantly upgrade our national infrastructure, this requires major new investment.”

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