Ibec calls for Government to increase capital investment

Ireland is the lowest investor in public capital infrastructure in the EU, despite having the fastest growing population.

Ibec believes the Irish government needs to be more ambitious if it is to achieve the 2040 national planning framework.

The business group is making their submission on the public consultation today and insists significant political planning and investment is needed to achieve the future plan.

Fergal O'Brien from Ibec also believes Brexit will have implications.

“It is really important that this is a 32 county strategy, in terms of an all-island planning strategy working with the Executive in Northern Ireland.

“The Government is going to have to be ambitious in terms of how much money it will spend. Currently Ireland is the lowest investor in capital infrastructure of any country in the EU and yet we have the fastest-growing population.

“That is going to have to change if this plan is going to be successful.”


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