Humanity, we've reached the pinnacle: Presenting the Macbook selfie stick

Just in case the dirty looks you receive when using a selfie stick aren’t quite dirty enough, a new art project has upped the ante.

Instead of attaching your phone to a stick to take a picture of yourself, Art404, John Yuyi and Tom Galle – the people behind the actual Netflix and Chill room – have made it possible to stick your Macbook on the end of a stick.

We just hope it doesn’t catch on.

For when you need to look on point laying in a field

(Macbook Selfie Stick)

For when you want to completely befuddle a man selling tours in Times Square

(Macbook Selfie Stick)

For when your leisurewear game needs to be documented, and only a big screen will do

(Macbook Selfie Stick)

For when your iPhone just isn’t capable of catching your serious face well enough

(Macbook Selfie Stick)

For when you and your squad happen to find yourselves on a selfie-suitable rooftop

(Macbook Selfie Stick)

For when you need to answer the question everyone is asking

The word why is on a billboard next to a woman taking a selfie with a macbook
(Macbook Selfie Stick)

Please, please, PLEASE: Let us all pray some marketing executive somewhere doesn’t decide this will be a great product to sell over Christmas 2016.


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