Heritage group hopes to save Bewley's Cafe from closing

Heritage group hopes to save Bewley

A heritage group backed by the Lord Mayor of Dublin's working to save Bewley's Cafe from closing its doors permanently.

Earlier this month the owners announced it was shutting with the loss of 110 jobs - citing high rents and Covid-19.

But the National Conservation and Heritage Group says it's now looking at ways the Grafton Street coffee shop can reopen again.

Lord Mayor Tom Brabazon says a committee is being formed and discussions will be held on ways that can be done.

"This isn't the first time this has happened. I think it is in fact the third time, historically," he said.

"Damien Cassidy, one of the guys involved last time it was saved has been in touch with me and other interested parties to try and get a steering committee together to try and save this iconic venue."

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