Here's How2 and veteran news presenter Fred Dinenage showing you how to play XCOM 2 (yes, really)

Ahead of its release for PC on Friday, gamers are being offered some last minute advice on how they’ll be able to get the most from XCOM 2, from an unlikely source.

Yes, that is long-time regional news reporter and How2 host Fred Dinenage, telling gamers how to defeat aliens. For gamers of a certain age, and admittedly who have lived in certain parts of the UK, this will be quite a big deal.

As a presenter of How2 – which was staple viewing in the 1990s – Dinenage regularly asked such questions as “how do you have a thunderstorm indoors?” as part of the science, technology and gadget show.

To see him now telling us how to ambush aliens is both nostalgic and brilliant. Hopefully he’s up for some online multiplayer when the game comes out.


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