Here are Ireland's top 10 rated destinations, according to TripAdvisor

By Steve Neville

Dublin has been named as the best-rated destination in Ireland, according to the annual Travellers’ Choice awards for Destinations.

The TripAdvisor award recognises the most popular locations that are most popular based "on millions of reviews and opinions".

Dublin took the top spot for Ireland, while Killarney and Galway rounded off the top three.

Hayley Coleman, a TripAdvisor spokesperson, said: "The Travellers’ Choice Destination awards recognise the world’s most beloved travel spots, based on feedback from the TripAdvisor community."

The winners are picked using "an algorithm based on reviews and ratings for hotels, restaurants and experiences in destinations worldwide over a 12-month period".

The global top 10 has seen London claim top spot followed by Paris and Rome.

The same trio make up the top spot for the European top 10.

The London skyline
The London skyline

TripAdvisor says the 'Harry and Meghan effect' has helped make London the top destination.

New York has fallen outside the top 1o, coming in at 13th on the list.

A host of European cities as well as places like Phuket (6th), Marrakech (9th) and Dubai (10th) all rank higher than the Big Apple.

Travellers’ Choice Destinations Rankings

Ireland top 10

1. Dublin

2. Killarney

3. Galway

4. Dingle

5. Cork

6. Kilkenny

7. Cong

8. Westport

9. Donegal Town

10. Sneem

Europe top 10

1. London, UK

2. Paris, France

3. Rome, Italy

4. Crete, Greece

5. Barcelona, Spain

6. Istanbul, Turkey

7. Prague, Czech Republic

8. Lisbon, Portugal

9. Majorca, Spain

10. Tenerife, Spain

World top 10

1. London, UK

2. Paris, France

3. Rome, Italy

4. Crete, Greece

5. Bali, Indonesia

6. Phuket, Thailand

7. Barcelona, Spain

8. Istanbul, Turkey

9. Marrakech, Morocco

10. Dubai, UAE

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