Has Netflix actually just created a 'Netflix and chill' button you can build for yourself?

It’s a term that has entered the public lexicon in the last few years and endeared itself to couples everywhere – Netflix and chill.

In recognition of the place it now holds in the world’s cultural fabric, Netflix has built a button which will aid your Netflixing and chilling. Well, sort of.

Usually the term is a front for couples when they want to engage in, ahem, activities, but the entertainment-streaming service has crafted a button which makes your viewing experience more relaxed.

Dimming the lights, switching your phone to silent and even ordering a takeaway is all within the button’s capabilities, as the video below illustrates.

Calling itself The Switch, the company has provided a guide to creating the button – requiring a bit of technical competence with smart lightbulbs and a microcontroller which connects to your WiFi.

Once you have built it, a bit of coding with your controller will allow you, in one press, to activate your TV and begin a viewing session of unparalleled ease and comfort.

Hooking it up to a third-party web service to order food is also possible, as is switching your Android phone to “do not disturb” using an app.

It might not be designed to literally fulfil the requirements of a Netflix and chill session, but people online were quick to afford it such a title.

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