Good Friday alcohol ban to cost restaurant industry €25m

The ban on the sale of alcohol on Good Friday will cost the restaurant industry €25m this year.

The Restaurants Association has said it is affecting our tourism brand abroad, as well as internally.

It is calling for what it describes as the "archaic ban" to be lifted.

RAI Chief Executive Adrian Cummins has said it is especially significant this year - the Centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising: “ Tens of thousands of tourists are arriving into the country, from all corners of the world to celebrate this.

“The vast majority of them are arriving in on the Friday, they are coming into a country where there is no access to a glass of wine, no access to a bottle of beer with their meal.

“This is going to cost the restaurant sector up to about €25m in revenue on the day.

“We have to change this law, it is an archaic law.”


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