Gin industry booming as vodka sales decline

More people are drinking gin in Ireland than ever before, new research has shown.

Gin is the fastest-growing spirit drink in the country, but vodka still remains the nation’s favourite spirit, despite a decline in sales during recent years.

Last year, the consumption of gin grew by 31% according to the Irish Spirits Association – and that trend is continuing this year.

"It's just changing trends," said William Lavelle, head of the Irish Spirits Association.

"Vodka remains Ireland's most popular spirit, but sales have consistently fallen over the last 10 years.

"Gin is the drink of the moment, it's booming."

Despite the growing popularity of gin, the consumption of spirits overall is down 19% overall in the past decade.

The Government is soon to publish a new Alcohol Bill which will have stricter rules surrounding the consumption and advertisement of alcohol.

William Lavelle says this could really hurt the industry.

"We're still obviously very concerned about this Bill," he said.

"It will seriously undermine investment in the Irish spirits industry, it will put jobs at risk, it will stifle competition."

Although spirit consumption is down at home – exports of it are continuing to grow - increasing 6% last year, with whiskey performing particularly well.


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