Dublin Port records another record year

Dublin Port Company's full year trading figures for 2017 show that cargo volumes hit record levels for the third year in a row.

The numbers show growth of 4.3% up to a new record level of 36.4m gross tonnes last year.

It brings overall growth at Dublin Port in the last five years to 30.1%.

The report shows that imports rose by 3.9% to 21.5m gross tonnes while exports grew more strongly by 4.9% to 14.9 million gross tonnes.

Containers and freight trailers account for 83% of all cargo and both the Ro-Ro and Lo-Lo sectors had major increases.

Ro-Ro went up by 5% in 2017 to almost one million Ro-Ro units (992,000), while Lo-Lo container volumes grew by 5.2% to 698,000 TEU.

The company invested €75m in port infrastructure in 2017 and plans to invest a further €132m this year.

Dublin Port’s Chief Executive, Eamonn O’Reilly, said:"Every year from 1993 to 2007 was a record year in Dublin Port. In the past three years we have seen this pattern re-emerge, with 2017 the third year in a row for record growth.

"We are projecting another record year in 2018 with growth of about 5%. Dublin Port’s growth is driven by domestic demand and both population growth and a stronger economy will continue to drive volumes up for the foreseeable future.

"Irish Ferries has committed €165m in a huge new ship for the Dublin-Holyhead route due by mid-2020. Later this year, the €150m W.B. Yeats will commence a service from Dublin to Cherbourg."

Mr O'Reilly is confident Brexit will not derail Dublin Port's progress.

He said: "While BREXIT brings uncertainties and challenges to our business, the combination of investments by our customers and by Dublin Port is underpinned by a shared confidence in the future.

"Over the next two months, we will finalise our plans for the required re-introduction of border controls on trade with Britain and I am confident that the controls required will not significantly hinder the movement of goods or people through Dublin Port."

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