Donald Trump said he would boycott Apple, then didn't

One word that sums up Donald Trump’s presidential campaign so far would definitely be vocal – no matter the issue.

The controversial billionaire notably spoke out on Apple’s ongoing privacy battle with the FBI, siding with the authorities and calling on his supporters to boycott Apple products until Apple complied with the authorities’ demands.

However, Trump initially tweeted this displeasure from an iPhone, to much amusement, before adding that he would only use his Samsung from now on.

But it seems ‘The Donald’ is still struggling to come to terms with some aspects of technology, as even up to today he is still tweeting from his iPhone, as Twitter’s own metadata keeps telling us.


He just can’t help himself.




In fairness, there have been plenty of tweets sent from Android devices too, but Trump insisted this would be the only device he used until Apple cooperated with the FBI. That hasn’t happened, and yet the tweets keep coming.

A quick glance through Trump’s Twitter timeline shows that in the last two days he has tweeted from an iPhone at least a dozen times, which could mean he forgot about his very public call, doesn’t realise we can see which device he’s posting from or simply can’t get used to Android.


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