David Miliband: EU is the right deal for Britain and Ireland

David Miliband has said a British departure from the EU would be bad for Ireland.

The former British foreign secretary said the Anglo-Irish alliance within the EU is strong and both countries are frequently on the same side when it comes to policy issues.

Speaking in Dublin this morning Mr Miliband said Britain is better in the EU than out.

"The Anglo-Irish alliance is pretty special; we came into the EU together, we often work together - I know from my experience we work together - we have complimentary strengths.

"I think that if you think it's tough in the EU - if you think the ECB aren't the easiest people to deal with - try dealing with international market forces.

"I mean it's pretty blindingly obvious to me that at a pound a week per person - which is what it costs to be in the EU - it's the right deal for Britain."

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