Curran: RTE's high-earners may face further cuts

RTE's Director General Noel Curran says the broadcaster's top presenters could face further pay cuts.

Curran is appearing before an Oireachtas Committee this morning where he is updating members on RTE's financial restructuring plan.

He has admitted the salaries of RTE's highest earners became 'too high' during the boom but said cuts of between 21 and 68% had been made in the past two years.

Curran also insists RTE will continue to review the pay of its presenters and will continue to cut pay if it sees fit.

"When we have concluded the negotiations, I am confident we will have achieved an average aggregate reduction of closer to 40%

This process is not over. When all contracts expire we will of course review the fee levels and make the best assessment we can at the time."

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